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Law of Attraction is about far more than getting better stuff!

People say you create your own reality. We're also creating our world and expanding our spirit. Getting better stuff is just one of the side effects.

In this book, Maggie Shayne shares with you her personal experience and understanding how life can get better and better until it becomes the blissful experience we all dream of.

Look, if you've tried everything and still don't have a job you love, a soul mate to share life with, a healthy, pain-free body, a comfortable income, and a home you adore, then try Maggie's methods. 

Each chapter ends with a loving Note from the Goddess, as interpreted by Maggie, along with an assignment (sometimes more than one) you can do to help put what you've learned into practice.

Bonus Content

13 full color, sharable illustrations with uplifting quotes
14 assignments
1 exercise to make meditation easier
1 exercise to end worry-induced insomnia
7 book club discussion topics
1 group experiment to prove it really works

Bliss up your life with Maggie Shayne's

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