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a few days ago

WTAF is really going on here?

I know what you’re thinking… The world is off the rails. Mankind is like a group of monkeys crammed into the seats of a speeding roller coaster with a crucial section missing up ahead. Everything has gone crazy.  But none of that is true. Things have not gone off the rails. But there is something important […]

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3 weeks ago

Numerology and the American Rennaissance

What do the numbers have to say about some upcoming events? I’ve done some numerological number crunching to come up with some answers.  In numerology, one adds numbers together to get a single digit, then interprets the meaning of that digit. It also works with words, you just convert each letter to a number, then […]

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last month

The Magical Power of Distraction

There’s a method I’m using with great success at the moment, the method of distraction, which is a form of magic all its own. A person who is lying in a sick bed thinking about their illness, is going to suffer every bit of that illness. A person on a roller coaster is not going […]

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a couple of months ago

Spiritual Lessons of Hamilton

Repeat after me. All is well, and all is well, and all is well. Take a nice deep breath and open your mind to the possibility that everything is exactly the way it is. And be okay with it. Parts of it are actually very good. Most of it is good. Take another deep breath, […]

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