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What Have We Learned Today?

I want to tell you about my Saturday, because I learned something.

I got up Saturday morning and immediately began rushing through my morning. I had a grandson with an indoor soccer game an hour away, and I really wanted to attend it, but I also wanted to shower, walk, meditate, write 2000 words, make a blog post, and a dozen other things.

My brain was going 100 miles an hour from the first hit of caffeine. I thought maybe I could combine meditation with the showering to save time. I put on a my favorite “Toning Meditation” and began toning along with it.



But while my lips and my voice box were ah-ing and om-ing, my brain was still racing. Would I have time to get my 2000 words done? Would I make it to the game in time? Should I do makeup first, or write first? Had I remembered to put gas in the car? Did I already shave that leg?

The Toning Wasn't Working


I realized in short order that I wasn’t quieting my mind at all. I had no hope of quieting my mind, I was too busy being ten steps ahead of myself.

When my shower was finished, I headed upstairs to either meditate or write. I reasoned on the way up that I’d be unable to quiet my mind enough to meditate anyway, when I was in such an all-fired rush. So I might as well write.

I got on the treadmill desk, because I’m the Goddess Queen of multi-tasking, cranked it on, and opened the taps. Fortunately, within a few sentences, the story began to flow. The one I’m working on right now is practically writing itself, which is a good thing because the frame of mind I was in was not conducive to creating from scratch.

Before long, I had 5000+ steps, and 2000 words

With everything done, I still had 20 minutes before I had to leave. My meditation would have only taken 15 of those. But hey, I still had time to put on some makeup. So I did that, rush, rush, rush, and headed out the door. I didn’t even take time to find a travel mug to take coffee with me, and grabbed my water bottle instead. Again, this is a good result, but for all the wrong reasons.

I had a brand new Abraham download to listen to in the car, and my mood was good as I headed out. The drive only took 45 minutes. There was great parking, and the weather was nice! I got to the location, went inside, and sat down to wait for my daughter and the kids to arrive for the game.

And that’s when it finally occurred to me to text her–an impulse that should have arrived several hours earlier.

It turned out that my grandson had developed a sudden stomach bug and had to skip his game. His mom, my daughter, who is ultra responsible, but was also planning a birthday party for 30 the very next day, was in a panic about the non-refundable game-truck, whether to cancel the party anyway, and forgivably, forgot to call me. And further to her defense, I hadn’t said I was attending for sure, just that I hoped to.

I Really Should've Meditated

Had I taken 15 measly minutes that morning to quiet my mind, I could have avoided the 90 minute round trip. Because when I quiet my mind, I can hear my inner voice, and my inner voice already knew I needn’t go to the game.

If I had meditated, I would have been inspired to send off a text or make a quick phone call to verify everything before heading out, and I wouldn’t have gone. But no. I was too busy rush-rush-rushing when the very thing I was rushing about no longer existed.

Note to Self: Meditate First

Meditating only takes me 15 minutes. It leaves me feeling good, connected, calm, confident, and energized. While my mind is silent, blocks of knowledge download in the background. I’ve read that blocks of healing do, too. I liken it to updating your software. You have to do that every so often, plug in and download those updates. There are usually patches for any bugs in the system. My system.

Meditating also opens up my channels so that my writing goes more smoothly, my ideas are better, and I go around looking and feeling like a freaking genius because I’m tuned in to the all-knowing.

To My Credit...

I did not get the least bit irritated or put out over any of it. I am creating my own adventure here, and I can easily see the steps that led to creating this one. I made a choice I knew wasn’t the one I wanted to make. I chose not to give myself the extreme edge I get from those 15 minutes every morning.

And yet, I found value in the entire thing, as we can find positive aspects in any of our misadventures. I had a brand new Abraham seminar on my phone and listened all of it. It had some new information I hadn’t heard before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I taught  myself, in a memorable manner, the extreme value of those 15 minutes first thing in the morning. I also reminded myself that the more rushed I’m feeling and the less time I think I have, the more I need that quiet time.

So that’s what I learned last weekend. I wonder what the Universe has to teach me this weekend!



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