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What if it’s all true?

Sometimes I get all tangled up. Sometimes we all do. The money gets a little tighter, the words come a little harder, the news gets a little more troubling. Then we focus on these things a little too much. You know we do it, we all do it, even if we’re the zen, LOA types who know better. We do it. We stress about the money (and block it even more.) We try to force the words (and block them even more.) We watch more news (and feel more troubled.)

Change the Momentum...

It’s times like these when we need to remind ourselves of one important piece of wisdom:

What if that's really true?

In case someone reading this finds that hard to believe, here’s a game to play. It’s a game we writers play all the time. The game of What If.

  • What if the Universe really is conspiring to make us happy?
  • What if wishes really do come true?
  • What if believing really is the path to all manifestation?
  • What if all the work really is already done?
  • What if all we really need to focus on is being happy right where we are with what we already have?
  • What if doing that really can bring our dreams to life?

Here's an even bigger one...

What if the life we already have, complete with everything we’re so worried about, really is the result of our own thoughts, beliefs, focus, and expectations?

What if that was all true? What would you do?

To put it to the test, just answer that question and then do it. Play along. See what happens. I dare you.

I know what I'd do...

I’d adjust my vibration. I’d change my inner radio station, tuning out the things I don’t enjoy in my life, and tuning in the things I love.

And the way to do that is to bask in what’s already there.

Today, I basked...

Today I was captured by the fairies of nature. I took my laptop outside, because it was just too beautiful to work inside. But I never opened it. I meditated first, as I usually do before writing. but when I opened my eyes, all I wanted to do was BE.

And so that’s what I did. (I’m getting better and better at listening to my higher self and doing what She suggests. Any notion that floats in right after meditation and feels good is direct communication from Source Energy. Your soul. The Divine.)

The sky was a stunning bright blue, the pines were their vivid dark green, and every other tree on every mountain around me was alive with autumn color. It was warm, in the 70s, and blissfully silent. Birdsong and bug-buzz were the only things I could hear, with occasional accompaniment from a set of deep toned chimes hanging in the old apple tree.

I walked for a while, real slow, and I just took it all in. Here and there I tried to capture the beauty with my iPhone, but I soon realized there was no way to convey this day in a photo. Especially now, when the fall colors are still subtle, and a haze hangs over the hillsides in the distance. Besides, today was about more than what I could see. It was the taste of the warm autumn air, the touch of its light breeze on my face. It was the sound of every splash, croak, chirp, caw, buzz, warble, whistle and cry. And of pine boughs whispering as their needles caress each other, and of the fallen leaves crunching underneath my bare feet.

Eventually I stopped trying to capture something that can only be experienced, put the phone away, and just drank it all in. I’d walk a little, then sit a little. I sat once on a lawn chair, once on an old wooden swing that creaks when it moves, once on a giant boulder, once in the grass under Grandfather Maple. In every new spot there was a new energy, a new collection of sights and sounds and smells and feelings.

There were frogs sitting along the shoreline of the pond, basking in the sunshine just like I was.

There were birds flitting from tree to tree, stopping to rest and singing in joy, just like I was.

There were bees buzzing and bumbling from blossom to blossom, drinking in the nectar of life, just like I was.

I walked through the little woodlot beside the house. The trail through was overgrown and brambly. We haven’t walked through there in a while. The trail is steep and Dozer’s joints do better on level walks. So I went into what I call the Enchanted Woodlot, and felt the energy shift.

It was very different there. Quieter, shadowy, and damp. I was barefoot, and there were places where the ground squished as I walked. It was cooler there, and it smelled richer, earthier, like rotting bark and old brown leaves and wet green moss and mushrooms. I heard a hawk cry in the distance, but couldn’t see her. I couldn’t see any of the tiny things scurrying through the undergrowth, either. But I knew they were there. Not worrying. Not berating themselves or pushing toward a deadline. Just living. Just following their instincts and doing what their intuition told them to do.

Just like I was doing.

It was a beautiful morning spent just being. And when it was done, and I came back inside, I put on uplifting, soothing music, and came here to write this post.

This is how we align...

When things are challenging, the answer isn’t to work harder, or plan a new promotion, or launch a desperate quest for some other solution.

The answer is to bask in everything beautiful and wonderful and good in your life. And as you do, you are aligning with praise, with gratitude, with well being, with abundance, with peace, with all-is-wellness. You’re tuning your radio dial to the station that is broadcasting those things, and so those things then play themselves even more fully into existence for you.

I dare you to try believing...

Just try believing this really is how things work.

  • Instead of worrying, try basking.
  • Instead of nose-to-grindstone, try relaxing.
  • Instead of striving, try allowing.
  • Instead of complaining, try praising.
  • Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, focus on what’s right.

Change your station, change your life.

Change your life, change the world.

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